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Eloïse and mum in Amsterdam.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 036

Taxfree in Oslo Airport: Just left my darling husband solo with the twins (Mirabelle and Gabriel 2, 5 years), I’m grinning at shopping possibilities in parfume dep. Eloïse having no such desires yet, eying out the sweet dep.

Mailiz: My oldest is turning five next  month.  I’m turning 40 in august. So knowing that Eloïse and I are on this amazing and sometimes scary project together called her childhood, I decided to make a special memory together, something to remember later in life. So last week we set off for for charming Amsterdam!

My typical tourist moment? I almost got run over by a speeding man on his bike as I walked out into the peddeling lan,  snapping one of many photos. Fastest way to learn, if you get away in one piece that is.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 043

It’s 8pm and my four year old is still smiling. By now I’ve made sure toilet visits are done, food’s been eaten and her bag is full of fun things to do. As we all know the air room is the size of a serving tray.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 051

It’s 9 pm. And so boooring. The first amazements of flying above the clouds have worn off.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 141

Voila! Going deutch with this really fun transport bike. No need to bring a pram. I also tried it with all three kids when the twins were only one years old.  Mind you, it’s long, really heavy, and turns like a car. So thrill is an accourate word describing cycling among the natives. Especially having your precious child litterary functioning as an airbag placed in front. But nice and easy does it and Eloïse could enjoy a winter wet Amsterdam from the best seat. Warm and protected under the cover.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 154

Marked’s a must! But my daughter was actually still to young to enjoy it. We managed a visit by bribing her with food.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 164

Just that! Hugs and plenty of time together, my Lilou and me…

Amst.dam_jan_2012 181

Artis, the ZOO is a must when visiting Amsterdam with children. And, this time of year there are no tourists around, so we had all the animals to our self.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 197Giraffes! What my little girl came to see. Now why aren’t theese long necked beauties used for transporting people, she wondered. Anyone?


Amst.dam_jan_2012 195

What amazing animals! Simply love the pattern. They just have the coolest attitude.


Amst.dam_jan_2012 196

Giraffe family seeking shelter from the rain…



Amst.dam_jan_2012 209

Raindrops keep falling on my head….The weather changed rapidly between rain, sun, rain, sun, the trick is to be prepared! But coming from snow and minus 15  we just simply enjoyed it with pluss 10 C.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 211

City center. Tired child running wild, mummy getting very nervous. Not a good combination. Deciding to head back to our appartment.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 217

Everywhere, lovely, little and very colorful shops. This is moments before we had our accident where my little girl ended up in the emergency…

Amst.dam_jan_2012 218

She go her foot caught in bicycle wheel. But luckily saved by big norwegian winter boots. Couragous girl and very guilty mummy spends the evening in super friendly emergency.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 242

Last day. And Eloïse is showing off her cool red cast. Leg not broken but strained. Girly day spent on the sofa watching “Falling in love” with Streep and de Niro and “My house in Umbria” with Maggie Smith. After Eloïse entertained me with puppet theater, starring crazy giraffe, panda bear and cow!

Amst.dam_jan_2012 274

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Finale smiiiiiile before boarding.

Amst.dam_jan_2012 289

In lack of paper, a cast will do perfectly.

Conclusion: Very, very nice to get away with my oldest. Just being the two of us. Highly advicable. Amsterdam is also as child friendly as you can expect of a big city. There was plenty of things we ended up not doing like the amazing Science center NEMO, one of the most impressive feats of modern architecture in Amsterdam. Or the huge 4000 m2 indoor playground  TUNFUN,  full of creative and adventurous fun. Why? I had them in mind but for Eloïse at this age it was fully satifying just to be together, alone, outside of our daily routines. Bless!

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