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Window shopping for houses

Hemnet7I’m reluctant to call it a hobby, but it’s really only for my own enjoyment that I keep coming back to the Swedish property portal Hemnet. My family is not going to move across the border, and any dream of a summer house chez the Swedes is exactly that and nothing more.

Oh, well – be that as it may, I still like the thrill of looking at properties and imagine what it would be like to live there. I mainly focus on the decoration. Mundane details like where the nearest school is, what on earth we would do in the middle of the forest, etc. are tucked away in some obscure part of the brain.Hemnet8

I am not alone in doing this, right? I imagine others sitting in their sofa right now with the laptop on their knees, browsing for the perfect home that they have absolutely no intention of buying.

Sometimes I look for houses in specific areas – by the sea on the west coast, on the island of Gotland, in Skåne, the southmost part of Sweden – other times I use the map and randomly pick a listing.

Skjermbilde 2013-02-23 kl. 22.30.00

But what makes Hemnet stand out from the crowd is the inspiration section. The people at Hemnet have realized that a lot of people use the listings to find deco inspiration for their own homes, and continuously compile the nicest images.

There are a lot of them! The best ones end up on one of my Pinterest boards. A cheerful kid’s bedroom with white walls and retro curtains. Charming red houses by beautiful lakes. Posh living rooms in Stockholm’s Östermalm area.


It is easy to get lost looking at the images, just one more, one more…

HEmnet2I may start out looking at kitchens and end up in the garden. Or increase my imagined budget from small and charming farmhouse in need of renovation to  sleek modern villa filled with design classics and an amazing view of the Stockholm archipelago. Why not – I’m only dreaming, right?


All images are from Hemnet.

2 thoughts on “Window shopping for houses

  1. I found your blog via DesignMom and am very excited to be a new follower. And to answer your question; yes! I shop for dream homes all the time. It sounds like Hemnet may be even better than Pinterest for great Scandinavian design inspiration.

  2. OMG I think this is going to become my new addiction. I already have as a hobby, but rightmove with Scandinavian design? Ahhh the evenings I’m going to waste now… :)
    Love your blog by the way, just discovered it through Design Mom.

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